10 Years
Of experience in digitising archives

Why I-FourC?

I-FourC has three seamlessly integrated services: digitising information, archiving on an individual level and finally its in-house developed software for working digitally. This well thought-out combination ensures that you can transform to a digital workplace in one day without having to say goodbye to the advantages of paper.

What do our customers say?

Because I-FourC has executed similar projects, we knew we were at the right place. People were immediately very enthusiastic about the scanned file. There is no unnecessary search time anymore. And now we have one complete overview and we can really start working digitally and efficiently!

Rajen Bhattoe – Rijndam Revalidatie

Solutions for your industry

Paper is in many organisations part of the order of the day; meetings, files, copies, reports, mail, invoices, you name it. The digital age is in full swing and people are becoming more aware of the hindrance that paper can cause.
I-FourC is active in various industries, that each know a different way of processing information. A different structure, way of working and dealing with other mandatory retention periods. Each industry requires a customised approach, because the value and requirements that organisations award to information can be different everywhere.
Explore the solutions for your industry:

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