Safe Archivedestruction of files

Have the storage periods of your documents expired? Or do you just want to thoroughly clean up the archive and destroy the documents that are no longer needed? Just throwing it away is not safe, and shredding it yourself is a huge time-consuming task! I-FourC can take over the archival destruction of your privacy-sensitive information for you.

Safe transportation

The transportation of files from our archive to the destruction company is only done with exclusive transport. This means that your privacy-sensitive information that you would like to safely remove with archive destruction is brought directly to our partner’s secure environment.

Destroying archive: prevent dataleaks, also physical!

Destroying archive is a bigger task than tearing up your paper. It must be destroyed under strict conditions and meet many requirements. By doing this, you are assured that your valuable information, which may be critical or highly privacy-sensitive, never, ever, falls on the street.

After the safe archival destruction has ended, you will receive a protocol of destruction from us. This protocol lists all files that we have destroyed for you. With this protocol you can prove that you have implemented the destruction policy as it applies to your organization.

The destruction of files includes the following activities:

Costs will be charged for the destruction of files.

Destroying the archive is a specialism. You can trust I-FourC, which has a high priority on safety, that we impose strict conditions on our partner.

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