Digitising… it isn’t a surprise to anyone that working digitally is reality. Paper is disappearing more and more in our working environments, but why choose digitising? What advantages does it have? We will list several savings of digitising for you.

1.  Space

It saves you a lot of space. Imagine all the rooms and/or cabinets which are now full of folders, files and boxes: EMPTY! You can surely use all this space in a more valuable way. Digitising means: no costly physical space being lost to your archive.

2. Time

Wasting time by searching through the documents is in the past. That is, if you even find it in your archive?! By simply typing in a couple of search words, you can find your documents digitally. Within a simple click of the mouse. No more frustrations about files being lost. It will save you a lot of searching and besides that, you’re also sure that you have the right, latest version of your document.

3. Money

You save money! Of course, digitising will ask for an investment. However, it is an investment which you will earn back in a second. The reduced searching time and the costs of the paper, printers and toners are only a few examples.

4. Environment

Digitising is better for the environment. Why? Because you don’t need paper anymore and paper is made of trees. By using less or no paper, you will treat our trees and environment in a more sustainable way.

5. Loss of documents

By digitising archive, the chance of losing documents will be reduced. An example is fire- and/or water damage. In a digital form your documents will be protected from this kind of loss. Most of the times it is about important, business critical and/or person-related data, where it is of crucial importance to protect it from external influences.

6. Efficiency

It is easy to share and analyse information when it is digitised. No more struggling with sending files by e-mail and creating countless different versions. With one press on the button you can share a huge amount of information. You can also decide exactly who does and who doesn’t have insight in a document. This isn’t only efficient, it is also extremely safe.


When a company transforms from a paper driven working environment to a digital working environment, it will take a while to get used to it. However, it will be the advantages/savings which make this transformation worth the while. In the end we all want to achieve the highest and most efficient result for our organisation. Digitising helps!

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Gemeente Venray Maasziekenhuis Pantein Reade GGD Twente

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