In our current society, Alternative Working Practices and creating a digital workplace can no longer be wished away. Technology should make our lives easier and give us more control over our work. But which aids do we really need to create a completely digital work environment?

The best communication tools

Drafting a wish list is a good start, but doesn’t get you all the way. Because, when choosing the definitive tools, other elements (e.g. budget) play a role too. It is important to perform a check based on your preconditions and what suits your organisation. Think of the look of the various tools. An iPad evokes different emotions than a paper notebook. Do not forget to consider those elements when making your choice. What you want to achieve and the goal to digitalise should be communicated across the organisation. This is the beginning of a structured and well thought-out transition.

A digital workplace

In my opinion an effective digital workplace exists of a few elements: starting with equipment such as a laptop or desktop, or a mobile workstation if you do not possess a laptop. A frequently made mistake is the acquisition of equipment that, turns out later, does not support the functionalities you need. Organisations are collectively purchasing tablets, but can this device really do what you want? Do not immediately follow a hype, but compare, consider and test!

Additionally you are dealing with digital information that requires one central gathering place. Think of files, plans, invoices and everything else, which is of course dependent on the type of organisation. Information has to be consultable and editable. A digital workplace also asks for rules and procedures on how people should handle authorisations, editing and reading certain files. The rules and procedures are more important than the devices used for going digital, especially in order to guarantee the safety of the information.

If organisations are thinking about going digital, several concrete questions will immediately come to mind. A company should continuously adapt to new digital wishes and the corresponding customer expectations. Which applications are needed to best perform the role of service provider in relation to the customer? Minimised restrictions and maximised possibilities and opportunities!

Everything in a nutshell

It is important to know what you want to portray as an organisation and how you can best approach the customer, so that your work is performed in the best and most efficient way possible. Additionally; what is your budget for designing the most optimal workplace? Establish a project group to discuss all the important steps and to draft rules and procedures. A digital workplace, with optimal results, will then be a smoothly executed plan!

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