Loads of companies struggle with mandatory retention periods of documents. That a properly appointed (digital) working environment is a solution for this, might be unknown. Many organizations see these retention periods as important, to safeguard their company risks. Arduous legal processes are one of these risks they could have to deal with, if they have incomplete data (or worse: lost their data). These risks could be reduced enormously by managing documents at differentiated levels.

Legal Consequences

Document management could become a real burden for organizations, as they take in a lot of space and have to be kept for a long period of time. This mountain will become bigger and bigger. Yet it has a reason that these documents should be mandatory kept for a certain amount of time. Legal consequences could occur and then information is of utmost importance.

As the specialist in applied digitization, you should take these retention periods into account, as you could be from great value. With either storing information externally or digitize it, retention periods can be monitored and you herewith create space within these organizations. They are mostly unaware that an investment like this, will eventually save money on the long term.


Advising your customers with the right solution for their information is your task. Do they keep their documents only for these mandatory retention periods and hardly ever need it? Off-site Storage will then be the perfect solution. In the case these documents are regularly needed, the most efficient option will be Off-site Records Management. Whenever a document is needed, a request can be easily done via the software and could be accessible in digital format within only 15 minutes. Besides that, there are also frequently needed documents. For these documents digitization will be the most profitable choice. Digital information access; wherever you are and whenever you want.

Document Management Regulation

Retention periods may vary per country, sector and specialism. I, Lieke Melssen (Market Researcher), believe that being able to give an, as thorough as possible, advice for your customers requires insight in these facts. Next to that, it could also be a useful instrument to determine the paper-intensive sectors. Herewith you could tailor your sales focus points. Space savings, complete information, no-limited accessibility and no time waste regarding searching the right information could be reasons for customers to switch to a paperless working environment. During juridical processes, it regularly happens that the requested information, is no longer traceable. Therefore, it is important for customers to regulate their document management accurately.

Try to achieve this awareness among potential customers, because the consequences will often become clear when it is too late. An investment to regulate this properly will definitely be paid back later.

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