Luckily no-one is able to predict the future with 100% certainty. As well as I have a vision about the future of software and data in the cloud, everyone has his or her own vision about what is ahead of us.

More and more solutions and data are cloud-based. In the private atmosphere it already occurs a lot, but I predict a major breakthrough within business related organisations and solutions for 2014/2015. Security is a hot topic. Questions such as “where is my data kept?” and “is my data securely stored”? are frequently asked.

For example, compare the security with your own house. How often happens burglary in homes and companies? With burglary I mean, a burglar who forces a window, or a door and thus gains access to your home or your company. This still happens every single day. According to my opinion, nobody is actually caring, except – of course – the owners and neighbours of the specific cases. These burglaries are hardly ever national news, although privacy is violated and important privacy-sensitive documents could become public. This in contrast to a ’digital burglary’. Then the national news is all over it. Here, too, privacy and critical documents play a role. I wonder what the difference is. Physical security has become common practise. And in the case something occurs, it will be stated as ‘bad luck.’ After all, you have done everything to prevent it from happening. Digital burglaries often are a result from neglecting. This feels different!

At this moment, we are in the phase that more measures are taken to prevent digital burglary from happening. If this phase has passed, placing data in the cloud is much less of an issue. The solid, physical security we have, such as locks and alarm installations, will be implemented in digital format as well.

Transferring data to the cloud, will become a way of life, even in the business area. Above mentioned questions will no longer play a role. However, that does not mean that they are not important. Upcoming generations will not know otherwise, although dangers remain existing. Or should we stop worrying about that? Yes, I am born in a previous generation as well… The future will tell us.

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