The cloud has become an integral part of our personal and working environment. Nowadays, uncountable services are cloud-based. It is the rule rather than the exception. Often we do not even realise ourselves we are using a service in the cloud. Despite this, some organisations are still reticence and have a form of fear. That is due to the intangible line where data is stored. A solid cloud solution is often much more secure and reliable compared to a client-server or even a physical solution.

Therefore, I believe it is important to enumerate some (of many) benefits of the cloud once again. Because why would we not keep our sensitive data as close to ourselves as possible? Then you are in control. But that is not the way things work nowadays. Still not yet convinced of the cloud? Read on and get convinced!

Time and location-independency

secure access to information, wherever you are, whenever you want. In the cloud, this belongs to the numerous possibilities. Remote working, from your home, at your customer or whatsoever, improves efficiency and productivity.


No more expensive servers or having to purchase more software programs. You pay for actual usage, often in license form. Nothing more, nothing less. Besides that, you do no longer have to carry out updates or maintaining the software. That results in huge savings in work load. Also you will always have the latest version of the software at your disposal.


Local application run on their own servers. What will happen if servers have a time-out or even worse: crash? Mostly, the complete IT-environment of an organisation runs out. In the case of cloud solutions that are stored in certified and secure data centres, you will have all sorts of professional and secure back-ups. Your information will never be affected. Self-copying data on hard drives or laptops brings along many risks. With a cloud solution, everyone (authorised) has access to the same information. Copying or transferring information is then no longer relevant.

Encouraging collaboration

Sharing information is very simple with a cloud solution. That means, everyone has access to equal information within a single click. For many organisations a big plus! For example files of a case for lawyers, judges and client? Or medical records for doctors, assistants and allied health authorities? Easily share information with authorised colleagues is extremely valuable.

Working in the cloud is an everyday reality. For now and certainly for the future. It is important though, to make wise choices in choosing the right cloud solution, as it must ensure security of information. Note for instance certifications, such as ISO 27001. A secure and solid choice for the cloud results in many benefits!

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