Paperless from day one

We have found the best and most appropriate solution for digitising paper files as cost efficiently as possible. I-FourC’s digitisation process is based on a unique concept: ‘Paperless from day one.’ There will be no suspension of your information provision, because I-FourC digitises paper information with the help of the newest, most advanced technology. Your organisation will be able to work paperless from day one!

Why should you choose for digitisation via I-FourC?

After your files have been digitised to your complete satisfaction, I-FourC offers you the choice of what will happen to your physical files. You can choose between safe archive destruction if you no longer wish to keep the files in their physical form, returning your files to your organisation or archive management via Archiefspecialist.

Optical Character Recognition

I-FourC also has the possibility to provide files with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), transforming images with text to editable text. By using pattern recognition all the characters in the image will be recognised as such and stored separately. Because of this you can search for keywords in your files. This is only possible through using the I-FourC Service Suite. If you wish to receive more information about the OCR process, please feel free to contact I-FourC.

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

We remove the disadvantages of paper and add the advantages of IT. At I-FourC, your digital file is provided with the comforts of paper and complemented with all of the digital possibilities! Anybody can scan your files. Digital accessibility, however, is a specialty – one that I-FourC owns. Your digital archive is accessible at all times by connecting the digitised files to one of our IT solutions. Do you want to switch to a digital archive? Choose working digitally with one of our innovative IT solutions!

Digitaliserings Proces