A fully digital student file

Advantages for you:

– The I-FourC Virtual Archive makes it possible to access the digital student file at any time and in any place.

– Sharing information is arranged with a single click of the mouse. Very convenient when moving students from class to class.

– I-FourC offers the option to connect to other systems such as magister, so that all information is truly complete.

A digital student file

I-FourC is adapt at converting paper information to a fully digital workplace. Even during the conversion you always have access to your students’ information. Daily processes are not disrupted for even a moment. The system allows the teacher to collect all the information within the school about a student, save the information in a digitally organised manner and access it at any time and in any place. The student’s file contains administrative data, educational reports and sometimes psychological information. The student’s progress, attitudes, school advice and any concerns are kept in the file. A complete, reliable and accessible file helps schools meet all government criteria.

Security of information

I-FourC has designed its processes in such a manner that security of information is no longer an issue. In both physical and digital sense, I-FourC has invested heavily to implement the highest attainable measures in the field of information security. This resulted in receiving the ISO 27001 certificate last January.

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