Organisations often indicate: ‘We want to go digital, so we’re going to digitise our entire archive’. Digitisation, however, is not always the most cost-effective solution for the entire archive. As an organisation, it is necessary to make efficient choices in the field of information management. An organisation should therefore distinguish between up-to-date information and less up-to-date information. On the basis of this you decide what has priority and what hasn’t in your transition to a digital working environment. It is wise to digitise up-to-date information right away. Files you don’t immediately need but maybe in the future are highly suited for external archive management. Have the storage periods of your files not yet expired and do you want to preserve the files in a physical form? To that, we also have a solution: archival storage. If you want to destroy the files, we offer archive destruction.


The archive specialist has various forms of accessibility available for your archives. This way, we can unburden you from A to Z. The up-to-date files are suited for digitisation as consultation frequency is high. For the other files we advise external archiving. By placing these files externally in protected repositories, for instance, we solve the problem of space in a simple way. If a file is required, it can be made available with Scanning on Demand. This way, you work completely digitised without having your entire archive digitised! For semi-static and static files I-FourC offers two forms of external archiving. This way, we achieve an efficient result, not only cost-wise but also regarding accessibility, and can easily make a distinction between the files that are suited for digitisation, for individual archiving and for bulk storage, creating a higher degree of efficiency and a cost-efficient solution to every archive challenge!


ArchiefspecialistI-FourC Archive management archives in a unique way, warranting accessibility of your archives and the right management service aimed at the up-to-dateness of your archives, so you have 100% supply reliability.

We register the most up-to-date files on an individual level upon arrival. With this method, I-FourC can often deliver back a required file from our archive within 15 minutes during working hours. This form of archiving is often used for files that are not immediately needed, but if they are, must be available on very short notice. For files that must be available quickly when you need them, this is a very efficient and effective solution.

The added value of I-FourC archive management:


For static files we advise External Archive Storage, a safe solution for archives that are not or hardly searched anymore. The files are stored in bulk. Think, for instance, of boxes on pallets, or binders in archive mobiles. We register the boxes and the pallet on the basis of the information obtained from the client.

An important distinction from External Archive Management is that the contents of the box rather than the individual files are registered. If a file is needed, you simply indicate in which box the file you need is stored. Via Scanning and Demand we can meet your request within 24 hours. A very accessible and cost-effective method of archive storage!



The added value of I-FourC Archive Storage:


Safety comes first in our entire business management. I-FourC continues where others stop. With us, clients have the option of storing privacy-sensitive paper information in a high-security depository. The I-FourC has depositories that meet extremely high safety requirements for archive protection. Both physically and digitally, information protection has top priority for us. This is confirmed, for instance, by the ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certificates in our possession.

A modern, certified fire alarm system ensures our clients can be sure of optimal preservation of their files in our archive. In addition, our archive storage is provided with permanent camera surveillance and a burglary alarm system connected to the regional control room. This way, you can be sure that your physical documents are managed safely.

Protection by the I-Four Archive Specialist: