How are my files managed at I-FourC?

In the Archive of I-FourC, the files of our clients are archived individually, making retrieval quick and easy.

How fast can a file digitally be in my possession?

Depending on the Service Level Agreement selected at the request, a file will be submitted. The delivery times are between 1.5 hours and 48 hours (clock hours)
Where in reality a file can be delivered digitally within 15 minutes – in case of emergency

Can i apply for files in the evening and the weekend?

I-FourC has the option of 24-hour service.

How are files returned physically?

The files managed by I-FourC in the heavily secured archive depot can be requested both digitally in physical form. We will send the files via the registered mail / courier to the customer.


Is I-FourC ISO certified?

I-FourC is ISO 27001 certified and complies with the NEN7510 standard and also conforms to ISO 9001. In addition, our SaaS (cloud)software meets the Verisign standards and our employees have signed a NDA.

How is the I-FourC External Archive secured?

The Archive is secured with camera surveillance, a fire protection system, an extinguishing gas system and access control. The entire site is fenced with a solid fence. Files only leave the archive during working hours for further processing and are always returned to the secure archive at the end of a workday.


Can digital files be added to an existing digital file?

A document can be added to an existing file via the I-FourC® Virtual Printer Driver™ and the de I-FourC® Office Add-On™. With an integrated button in the I-FourC® Virtual File™ you can attack the documents digitally.

Can physical documents be added to an existing file?

A document can be added via the I-FourC® ScanSuite™ to an existing file in the I-FourC® Virtual Archive™. Using the software or the multifunctional you can choose a tab where the documents need to be uploaded.

The order of documents in the I-FourC Virtual File is not as desired.

In the I-FourC virtual File, A user can change the order of the documents in a file, depending on rights.

Can I take notes in the I-FourC Virtual File?

In the I-FourC Virtual File you can take notes, just like in a paper file. Memos can also be pasted and text can be highlighted.

Is there a version history of the edited documents?

All changes are recorded in the software. You can restore an earlier version of a document.

I already work with my own central system. Can the I-FourC software system be integrated to create a complete digital archive?

The I-FourC system can, in principle be seamlessly integrated into an EPD, ECD and various document management systems. This way you can combine the new way of archiving with the history to get a complete digital archive. Therefore you work from your own, trusted system.

Can the files be synchronized with our own system?

I-FourC uses a communicator, which allows the I-FourC software system to communicate with the systems you are already working with. This way all files and information are synchronized and a complete file is created.

Can I view files without an internet connection?

When u download files and put them ready on your desktop in the I-FourC® Virtual File for iPad™ you do not need an internet connection to view files.

I have privacy-sensitive information. How has the authorization in I-FourC JIM and I-FourC Virtual Archive been arranged.

The authorization can be managed in the roles assigned to the user. This can be set, among other things, at document level, file level, file type, archive location. It is therefore possible to fully regulate who has access to which information.

How are files delivered digitally?

The files that are scanned at I-FourC will always be made available to the customer through our software. This guarantees. Among other things, safety accessibility. In addition, there is the possibility of physical delivery of files.

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