Digital information flow

Converting paper information flows to a digital work environment ensures that financial institutions can work more efficiently, reduce time spent searching, access all files from one system and scan new documents. All this under the safest conditions possible, because you may work with critical business information that cannot end up on the streets!

Advantages for you:

– Affordable external archive with the advantage that a file can be digitally available within 15 minutes.

– A digital file which is always accessible and complete, and can no longer be lost.

– Easily keep a file up-to-date by using the scan functionality of the I-FourC Virtual File. New information can thus be added directly to the digital file.

Solution I-FourC

For years I-FourC has had customers within the financial sector, for whom we have converted paper information into digital files. We have already achieved many successes with our concept ‘Paperless from day one!’, a unique and efficient combination of service provision and IT solutions.

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