Advantages for you:

– All I-FourC solutions can be integrated into the EPD for a complete information system.

– The I-FourC Virtual Archive offers chain accessibility, so information can be shared. This way there is one complete file which every authorised user can access.

– With the I-FourC Virtual File for iPad you have mobile access to your information and can edit on-site. Convenient for doctors when making their rounds or for employees’ extramural work.

One cockpit – one overview

By now I-FourC has extensive experience in integrated paper information into the digital work processes in healthcare. We have ready-to-use links and integration components for nearly all ZIS- and EPD-systems, with which the care provider can view and edit all information digitally from one ‘cockpit.’ The I-FourC software also manages existing appointment systems and inclusion agendas. This way the relevant information is always available to the care provider.

Gradually a digital archive

Digitisation does not mean that organisation are immediately free of their physical files. Mandatory retention periods can lead to overflowing archives. By using I-FourC’s Archive Management, you can store your physical files and request them when they are actually needed. Large investments are not needed. Via Scanning On Demand the files are delivered digitally and a digital archive will gradually build up. Digitisation via Bulk Scanning is the most efficient solution for files that need to be consulted regularly.

Security of information

I-FourC has designed its processes in such a manner that security of information is no longer an issue. In both physical and digital sense, I-FourC has invested heavily to implement the highest attainable measures in the field of information security. This resulted in receiving the ISO 27001 certificate last January.

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