DBS File Management System (1986 – 1995)
The first logistics software package that ran at our customers’ organisations to manage their increasingly larger archives. Initially this software ran stand-alone in the archive. A follow-up version allowed connections based on HL7.
Jalema Information Manager (JIM) since 1995
The successor of DBS was developed and was named JIM, Jalema Information Manager. The software development became increasingly important, since the world around us also changes. Previously, all information exchange was based on paper. We witnessed various new situations emerge in which paper and digital information provision went hand-in-hand. Therein lies the strength of our in-house developed software. A client-server application wherewith both physical and digital files can be managed. With the use of JIM, all information islands can be managed and made accessible for the end users.
This software package was installed on-site to enable the request of files from Jalema File Management. Afterwards, the scanned files were completely or selectively printed on paper. The customers received a PC and modem made available by Jalema.
Code in One on demand
This stand-alone programme was developed in the late ‘90s and improved until mid-2006. An internet version followed in 2012. The user can develop a colour-coded label through a few simple steps. This label is then applied to the Jalema suspension files. By using colour coding, incorrect archiving is prevented and the time spent searching for files is saved by up to 40%. The input of data – which will appear on the labels – can be from a variety of sources, manually a generator or a link to a file.
The beginning of I-FourC
In 1999 the J-F-M-activity is housed in a separate corporate named Jalema File Management B.V.
DSD is founded in 2000. A separate department focuses on the marketing of Jalema software and services. This department housed programmers, a helpdesk and an account manager. It developed and supported three important products: the J-F-M software, Code In One On demand and the modular programme.
Jalema Intake Solution (JIS)
A user-friendly tool manufactured by Division Software Development to register files in a quick and faultless way, and to connect to the file numbers that J-F-M uses for file management. The system formed the basis for the registration of files at J-F-M.
The Development of the I-FourC Virtual File
I-FourC Virtual File is developed by the software department. This was the beginning of the mind-set that I-FourC envisioned since its foundation; the feelings of paper in a digital world. This mind-set is the starting point for all the solutions that I-FourC develops.
The construction of the I-FourC building
The I-FourC building was constructed and the former Jalema warehouses were emptied for Scanning On Demand. Before then this division operated out of Jalema.
I-FourC Scan Suite (2003 – present)
This in-house developed scan software, based on Twain, enables fast and faultless scanning.
Ondernemingsnaam I-FourC Technologies B.V.

In 2004 the Division Software Development is transferred to Jalema File Management B.V.
Dand the company name changed to I-FourC Technologies B.V. The low-threshold transition concept brought new, user-friendly applications that proved successful in the market.

The name I-FourC has two meanings:

  • • The 4 I’s of I-FourC: Innovation, Information, Integration and Interaction, and Computer technology
  • Innovation
    I-FourC uses the newest and most advanced technology for its transition concept. As a certified Microsoft-partner I-FourC uses Microsoft.Net-technology, which guarantees optimal integration, fast processing and effective software development.
  • Information
    Most organisations automatically build a digital information archive. Still a lot of information exists on paper. This does not make it easier to get a complete picture of all available information on a particular topic. The I-FourC transition concept “Paperless from day one!” offers the solution. With the push of a single button you get a complete overview of all the required information. This increases the quality and timeliness of your information environment significantly.
  • Integration
    Of course you want to integrate the digitised information seamlessly into your existing systems. I-FourC understands this and ensures that you achieve it. All existing and new digital information is stored in one location, so that you can consult and edit all information from one ‘cockpit.’
  • Interaction
    Thanks to the IT components of I-FourC your daily information needs are automatically met. This allows you to work completely paperless from day one and ensures the continuity of your daily work processes.
I-FourC also means “I foresee” the future. I-FourC was based on the world of paper archive solutions. At that time there was a lot of talk about the paperless office. Jalema expected to be able to handle the future with the I-FourC concept.

Web enabling (mid-2004 – 2009)
The Web enabling concerns a provision that allow customers to access their files via the internet without on-site software installation. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection just has to be set up once. By using a Key-Fob (digital key) and a username, people can access their own files and request and view these. Naturally under strict security and privacy measures.
First masscan
We perform our first Bulk Scanning project for a large hospital.
WWe expand our concept with Bulk Scanning, allowing us to offer a complete service provision.
Front end (mid-2007 – 2011)
The Front end is the replacement for Web enabling and concerns the ‘light’ version of the I-FourC JIM (client-server). It is meant for requesting, managing and viewing files that are managed by I-FourC. The digital files appear in the I-FourC Virtual File screen. The motto is easy to browse and view.
Software solution as SaaS concept
II-FourC decides to start developing software solutions based on SaaS, allowing access to the application via a secured website. This facilitates working independent of time and place.
Order hospital Orbis
In 2008 we also land our greatest assignment. We are asked by the Orbis hospital to digitalise 300.000 files and manage 700.000 files in our archive depot.
Introduction of the Tablet PC
The Motion tablet PC, the predecessor of the iPad, makes its debut in our concept. Working digitally attracts more and more attention.
I-FourC Virtual Archive
Software development is never done. In 2009 I-FourC develops a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product named the I-FourC Virtual Archive. It is our SaaS version that allows customers to retrieve files and manage all their information islands. With the I-FourC Virtual Archive we offer the ability to store data centrally, ample storage capacity and the availability of the I-FourC Virtual File. I-FourC Virtual Archive will soon also be available in an On Premise version.
New scan street
The capacity of the scan street for the service Bulk Scanning is designed to process larger quantities of documents in December 2010. With this capacity expansion, the current scan street can better cope with the large, new quantity of documents that I-FourC has to process.
Modern office building supports growth I-FourC
The modern, light office building in Reuver houses offices, training and meeting rooms, and flexible workplaces. New applications and releases are developed here. The passage to the digitisation departments demonstrates how much external archiving and digitisation are connected.
Fort Knox near the river Maas
The archive space in Reuver, also called Fort Know near the river Maas, covers about 80 linear kilometres. With external archiving customers free valuable space. Certifications, protocols, camera surveillance systems and a powerful CO2-gas extinguisher installation contribute to the exceptionally high quality of the I-FourC service provision. This guarantees safety of the information entrusted to us by our customers.
Founding of the Social Fund
A special initiative within the framework of CSR is the I-FourC Social Fund. Each year the I-FourC employees set aside a portion of the profit distribution for he Social Fund. This sum is doubled by the directors. The collected money allows I-FourC to donate money to charities every quarter of the year.
CSR certificate
We have been affiliated with CSR the Netherlands since 2010. We take responsibility and have set up strict requirements in terms of safety and quality, but also regarding Corporate Social Responsibility. Our employees carry this out as part of the daily business processes, as well as our partners and suppliers.
I-FourC Virtual File for iPad
Development of our iPad application started: the I-FourC Virtual File for iPad. The mobile extension of the digital archive is linked to our I-FourC Virtual Archive.
10-jähriges Jubiläum
We celebrated our 10-year anniversary in 2014. An enormous milestone in our history.
ISO 27001 certificate
We have always sought out optimal service provision for our customers. The confirmation of the ISO certification is, for us, a recognition of these efforts. The ISO 27001 certificate is the culmination of all of our hard work.
Takeover Archiefspecialist
To expand its service offering, I-FourC decided on January 1 2017 to acquire the company Archiefspecialist. Thanks to this gain, we can now store pallets in addition to individual storage.
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