Digitisation personnel files

Documents are often added or altered to current personnel files. Additionally, the variety of documents (i.a. identification, correspondence, contacts, performance appraisals) in a personnel file means that personnel files take up a lot of space and that working with physical files imposes restrictions. I-FourC recommends a digital archive for these types of files. A digital archive that is always accessible: anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

The process of digitising a file

When you organisation chooses to digitalise personnel files, all files are digitally classified according to pre-defined tabs. After the files are cleaned and prepared for the scanning process, they are imported into your familiar system via a secure connection. You no longer run the risk of lingering, lost or incomplete files and they can no longer be read by unauthorised persons. I-FourC ensures that your paper personnel files are integrated into your current HRM system in digital format, so that you do not have to work with even more applications. Simple and familiar.

Retention periods

Different retention periods are mandatory for the various types of documents in an HRM file. It is therefore very important to have a retention policy for all files. Almost all documents, except for training and medical applications, must be kept a few years after the employment was terminated. It is certainly important that HR employees are aware of what is mandatory. To learn more about retention periods, read our blog “Switching to a digital work environment!”

The advantages of I-FourC


I-FourC thinks it is important that users can work with a digital system in an efficient and structured manner, so it has created partnerships with i.a. Afas and Raet. These parties are, just like I-FourC, specialised in designing digital workplaces for HRM. The systems you work with are essential if you switch to a digital workplace. A system should be organised in a way that works for you instead of against you. Therefore I-FourC is part of this partnership to support the procedures in the HR department. Our software solutions combined with the high-quality scan facilities ensure that the ultimate HR file is created, linked to the online personnel file.

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