Mobile working

The I-FourC® Virtual File for iPad™ is an application with which you can fully work mobile. Independent of time and place. You can request, and edit files from your central archive on-site. When you download your file to your personal desktop, you can even access your information without an internet connection. Mobile working has never been so familiar and simple! You can edit your digital file via the I-FourC Virtual File for iPad exactly the same way as you are used to in your paper file. Easily browse, make notations and markings. Numerous digital benefits are added. Digital with the comforts of paper; the most user-friendly way of working for the end user. The possibilities are endless and usable in many different ways. Think of paperless meetings or employees working on-site. A complete overview of your central archive; anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

With the app you can prepare various desktops with a collection of documents or files for a specific period or meeting. The user can create and name the required desktops themselves or a secretary can do the preparatory work, after which the user can download the file bundles. The I-FourC Virtual File for iPad creates your own personal environment for all your required documents and files.

I-FourC has a vision of how the transition from paperless should work. We stimulate the paper world in a digital format. That is the underlying thought behind the development of the I-FourC Virtual File for iPad. We name it “mapping the world” and think that this contributes to the end users’ acceptation of the transition from paper to digital. See the video below!