Smooth scanning and indexing

You have digitised your paper information and are (partially) working digitally. However, you still get new batches of physical files. With the I-FourC® Scan Suite™ you can scan these documents yourself and add them to your digital workplace. The information immediately ends up in the correct place in your archive or file. This prevents the need for another large digitisation project in a few years. Your file is immediately connected due to barcode recognition and automated indexing. Now it can be found anytime, anyplace, anywhere. The information that is important for the indexation can be adjusted according to your own needs.

You can easily scan in colour or black/white and set up the brightness and contrast of the images. White pages will be filtered out. Our software is set to reduce mistakes made by the scanner to practically zero. With the I-FourC Scan Suite you can save privacy sensitive, formally approved documents digitally and protect them against unauthorised editing after they have been signed.

Advantages of the I-FourC Scan Suite