The Dutch family-owned business AFAS Software has been automating companies and organisation from all branches with complete and modern online corporate software since 1996. I-FourC, in collaboration with AFAS, has created a completely digital workplace for APT Kurvers.


I-FourC and AFAS have, in close collaboration, catered the possibility that APT Kurvers in Roermond could switch to a digital workplace. The partnership between I-FourC and AFAS ensures organisations optimal support in terms of digital accessibility of their information and the provision of this information to users in organisations. A complete overview of all data accessible from one system.


I-FourC designed a connection that allows the scanned information to be available in AFAS. The ERP software from AFAS allows all administrative processes (from financial and HR to logistics) to be fully automated in one and the same software package. This gives customer full insight into the business operations at all times. It is built from separately available modules, which makes it possible to organise it all flexibly. This way it seamlessly fits the needs and wishes of the organisation.

“The import process went flawlessly at APT Kurvers and the good thing is that the customer could see the data come in live during the import,” states Maurice Sanders, Manager Security & IT Development. After the scan process at I-FourC the connection can be started up. The connection asks for the data to link the files and the OCR function can be activated, after which the files are transferred to AFAS. Because of this connection a simple integration with I-FourC is possible.”

In action at APT Kurvers

“In practice we often see that organisations only start thinking about the way paper-based information should be made accessible within the system after the implementation of a central system,” voices Mark Polmans from I-FourC. “This results in a hybrid situation in which a part of the information can be found in the software package and another part in the physical archive. It forces people to make a choice. Often they then still choose the familiar paper file, with which they have been working so pleasantly for many years. Consequently they print all information and add it to the physical file.”

It is important that all information is disclosed in one system and that is now possible for APT Kurvers with the connection from I-FourC. I-FourC realises this through seamlessly connecting the unique combination of service provision and IT solutions to the target audience. This way a sound foundation is laid to ensure acceptation of a new digital system. A proven, professional approach: AFAS and I-FourC join forces to offer a simple and complete solution to organisations. APT Kurvers can still work from their trusted software system and access all information, without having to get used to another new system. User-friendliness of the highest level!

The transition from paper to digital has never been so easy!

Gemeente Venray Maasziekenhuis Pantein Reade GGD Twente

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