In 2006 Thijs Munten decided, after several years of partial employment and self-employment, to take the step and start working independently. Now that he runs his own business, Em-Ka Administrative Office, he can personally decide how he wants to approach his customers and which way he can most efficiently organise the administration. He wanted a business that would excel, with a strong wish to digitise his files. A well organised digital file results in efficiency. Thijs Munten tells us about his approach, gives tips and talks about where improvements can be made.

How did you approach this transition?

“I started digitising the years of which the administration was closed. Previously, these files were archived in the attic, in a box per customer. Quite a secure storage method, because it all occurs in-house instead of in a garage box for example. When the attic started becoming full, I thought it was time to really store the files in a secure manner. When a year is closed I send the files to I-FourC and let them scan and integrate the files into my current digital archive. I use the I-FourC® Virtual Archive™ and the I-FourC® Virtual File™. The files of the ongoing years, currently that is 2012 and 2013, are still in my possession in physical form.”

How do you experience working digitally?

“Most important to me is finding the right information quickly. In the past I had to search through boxes in the attic if I needed anything from, say, two years ago. The only thing I have to do now is log in and search for 2011 and the customer’s name. It saves me a lot of time and space. Because of the seven year retention period, my attic was literally overflowing. But what is perhaps even more important, is that my files are now stored in a secure manner. The risks associated with fire or theft are no longer an issue and customers’ personal or business critical data are much better secured now. I always tell this to new customers.”


“Customers still physically deliver their information to me. In my opinion a lot can still be improved in that regard, because I can only fully start working digitally when I receive their information digitally. If my customers would start working digitally, I would save a lot of time on top of everything. At the moment I have to travel a lot to pick up information from my customers. Once I have updated the records, the administration once again returns to the customer. If I were to later need an invoice, I would be compelled to request it from my client again.”

Are there any differences concerning tax administration?

“Definitely in terms of ease, speed and clarity. It is much more convenient to search through a digital file than through boxes with folders containing files. Additionally, all administration has to be submitted per year. It is of great importance that you provide it in such a way that you can find it yourself. For example, if you want to create a division between financial statements and income tax returns, you will need to submit it in this manner. Organising this digitally offers more possibilities and control. Your administration’s structure will be safeguarded better, which is important to the tax authorities.”

Do you have any tips for administration offices who want to start working digitally?

“I advise sole proprietors to divide financial statements and income tax returns by using tabs. This will need to be organised slightly differently for a B.V., because it concerns information from several shareholders. An advice I can give for such a situation is to divide income tax return files per shareholder.”

Thijs Munten is very enthusiastic about the new, secure way of working. His goal to organise his administration as efficiently as possible has largely been achieved. The improvements that can still be made, can yield even more time savings. He has also taken the first steps in that area. A fully digital administration office is fast approaching.

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