Years ago, the Municipality of Alkmaar used the paternoster cabinets from Jalema. A great start to a long-term partnership. When in 2008, the Municipality of Alkmaar faced a lack of space for the archives to be destroyed, they also came to Jalema for external archive storage. The partnership once again took new forms, because when the Municipality also wanted to digitise, it was also time for I-FourC to prove its added value. From paternoster cabinet to digitised files: the Municipality of Alkmaar is realising its ambitions in collaboration with I-FourC.

External Archive

Frans Alleman, DIV specialist at the Municipality of Alkmaar, fully guided the various processes and shares his experiences: “We had always had pleasant contact and good experience with Jalema. Choosing I-FourC was a logical and trusted consequence. In addition to the archive to be destroyed, the files that I-FourC has digitised are also being stored externally. When we request something from the files that are stored in the building at I-FourC, it is always provided neatly and on time. A trustworthy partner.”.

Proven service

“The first project I-FourC digitalised for the Municipality of Alkmaar were the WMO and WWB files from the municipalities of Graft de Rijp and Schermer. Eventually, the digitisation of the debt counselling files of the Municipality of Alkmaar and the cemetery files of both Alkmaar and Graft de Rijp and Schermer. We started digitising for various reasons, with a lack of space and the desire to work efficiently with digital files being the most important ones. We truly utilised the WMO and WWB files as a pilot project, to assess whether everything was up to our wishes and requirements. Given the fact that a number of digitisation projects followed after the first project, you may have guessed that our experiences were very positive.”

Innovative Municipality

Frans Alleman indicates that the Municipality of Alkmaar has been working fully digitally from January 2017. However, that does not mean that the paper archive is a thing of the past. There are still some things in the Municipal Archive. “Our Municipal Secretary has expressed the ambition to be among the most innovative municipalities in the Netherlands. We are well on our way and are tackling everything in stages. One the one hand, this keeps it manageable for us, because we take care of the entire facilitation of these processes, but at the same time, we also ensure internal support as carefully as possible. It is a great ambition and we are going to make every effort to make it come true together”, says Frans Alleman.

Mobile work with the app

“I do still find it a shame that we do not make use of the I-FourC Virtual File app. I am very impressed by this method of mobile work and can definitely see its added value. For instance, when I look at the cemetery files, this would have easily made it possible to take a picture of the headstone and add it to the digital file directly. Unfortunately, we made a different choice internally and do not make use of this added value.”

We are proud of the fact that the Municipality of Alkmaar has chosen Jalema and I-FourC again and again, whether it concerned paternoster cabinets, external storage or digitisation. Thank you for the trust you have placed in our organisations!

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