Zonhoven is a municipality in the middle of the Belgium province of Limburg. The Municipality is located north of the prvincial capital Hasselt and has over 21.000 inhabitants. In April of 2018 the municipality decided to strat digitizing their archives. They have opted for digitization to take place in phases, Spacious planning being the first.

Increasing the efficiency and guaranteeing safety

Nick Mols, Application manager at Zonhoven, has largely guided this project and talks about his experiences: “the main reason for digitizing our files was the lack of efficiency we were experiencing. The files are frequently needed and need to be available anyplace and anytime. Before this process we had employees constantly walking to the archive to get these files, which is  very inefficient. We find the safety of the files very important and that’s why we chose to digitize them. A paper file always has a risk of losing information but with digitized files we always have a back-up.”

Requesting files during digitization

Zonhoven has used the priority request for files via the Virtual Archive multiple times during the digitization process. Due to the fact that the files are needed often, having access to the files at all times was very important to them: “We conducted a market survey to select the right supplier, and I-FourC came forward as the supplier best that suits the needs of Zonhoven. What we found really important was that the files were accessible during the digitization process. The way in which I-FourC solved this via the Virtual Archive perfectly suited our need. The Emergency requests were handled very quickly in a secure manner. A big plus was that I-FourC always solved this in a correct and fine manner within the set time. Even if the emergency request was not fast enough, extra effort was made to deliver the file on time.

In practice

We have also went to I-FourC to look for ourselves, which has given us confidence in the way they handle the files. This is done in a very good environment and in a safe way. Our collaboration went very well and we have a very positive view of the company. It is a professional company that knows what it’s doing! ”, says Nick Mols.


I-FourC thanks Zonhoven municipality for its trust!

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