Natuurmonumenten, a Dutch organisation located in ‘s-Graveland, is the movement of people with concern for nature. Nature is a source of inspiration for society and thus should be handled with care. Natuurmonumenten set up their first protected nature reserve in 1905 and have been committed to nature ever since. 

Accessible for everyone

Jeannette de Haan, HR employee, has been working for Natuurmonumenten for many years. Together with her team she is partly responsible for organising and tracking personnel files. The amount of paper used increased steeply over the years, wherewith availability was the main hindrance. “It was of utmost importance for us that the files would be more accessible to us as HR department, the personnel and their supervisor,” says Jeannette de Haan.

Choosing I-FourC

“For us it was mostly important that a connection could be made with the HR-software package that we were already using. We have been working with Raet for years and wanted to be able to continue working with that package. We first learned about I-FourC at a customer day organised by Raet, giving us a familiar feel through positive stories. The quotation, the method and the trust in the account manager were the deciding factors for us to start collaborating with I-FourC. After I-FourC digitalised the personnel files, we chose to store the physical files in our own archive. The step towards external archiving or archive destruction was too big for us.”

The digital file

“In the mean time we have digitised about 725 files via I-FourC and it has been going well. Our files are now easily accessible to authorised persons. The files have been scanned the right way; exactly according to the agreements we made with I-FourC. The integration in Raet also suits us very well; we can continue working from our trusted system and that is very pleasant.”

Social Fund

Natuurmonumenten and I-FourC do not only collaborate in terms of digitisation. I-FourC’s Social Fund also supports the project “Help otters cross safely.” The project concerns the otters in the Nieuwkoop lakes in the Dutch Green Heart, who have come back to the area after an absence of nearly 40 years. The circumstances in terms of connections are, however, in need of improvement, which is why the forest ranger is committed to this tunnel. I-FourC’s Social Fund has contributed financially to this charity, benefitting the construction of a necessary otter tunnel!

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