Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland or: SEIN, is an expertise centre for epilepsy and sleep medicine. SEIN increases the quality of life for people with epilepsy and sleep disorders. To this end, 1400 employees are committed to providing optimal care. SEIN has thirteen polyclinics, two clinics, three sleep-wake centres, three residential locations, day care and a school for special education.

The digital world

Anita Middeldorp, Head of adult care unit at SEIN, talks about the situation. “Of course, it is no longer of this time, we work more and more digitally and an EMR (electronic medical record) is part of that. For this process, we already worked with an EMR system, but we also had paper files, which made it less transparent. We wanted to bring these two worlds together to work more efficiently and transparently.


From paper to digital

“In order to transition to the new situation we had to transition our files from a paper environment into a digital one. This was, of course, very difficult for everyone to switch over at once. The doctors were very afraid that their way of working in tabs would no longer work in the digital documents and would be copied with the search function, which would make it unclear. It was also a great reassurance for the doctors that the classification of information on paper was copied into the digital file by means of meta-data and tabs. We first used trial files to check whether they were adequate. After we saw that they met our expectations, we decided to use them in all outpatient clinics.” Thus, Anita Middeldorp.


Cooperation with I-FourC


Anita Middeldorp concludes her story on the collaboration between SEIN and I-FourC with: “Our choice fell on I-FourC because we had carried out a preliminary process and had already stored everything at I-FourC. The trust we have in I-FourC is high and the company is characterized by quality. The employees always think along with us and handle the data very carefully!”

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