You can work with your files digitally through the use of one of I-FourC’s software solutions. Our software is developed with the core idea “Mapping the real world.” The digital files look exactly the same as the physical file, but with all the added digital advantages! We remove the disadvantages of paper and add the advantage of IT. Working efficiently and digitally receives a new dimension with our software solutions; your information is always accessible. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Software solutions

I-FourC offers seven software solutions to work digitally as efficiently as possible. The I-FourC® Virtual Archive™ gives you a complete, digital overview of your archive. In this file management system you can follow and manage all your information flows. Do you wish to use your physical files in a digital format? This is possible with the I-FourC® Virtual File™ or even on your mobile device with the application I-FourC® Virtual File for iPad™. The I-FourC® Virtual Printer™ allows you to directly send digital documents to your digital file, removing the need to physically print new information. With the use of the I-FourC® Office Add-On™ you can simply add new digital information from a Microsoft Office programme to an existing file. You have the possibility to scan new physical documents yourself and add them to your digital environment with our I-FourC® Scan Suite™ solution. I-FourC® JIM™ is a client-server solution that registers all the information in your organisation in one central database. If you have any questions or need appropriate advice for your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact I-FourC.


As a certified Microsoft-partner, I-FourC uses the newest and most advanced Microsoft.Net-technologies. These technologies guarantee optimal integration, quick processing and effective software development. The development of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) in combination with our partner, a SAS70 certified data centre, has led to an easily distributed concept. In collaboration with Telecity and NetSourcing we offer the highest achievable safety norms for our online solutions. If you wish to know more about our measures, you can read our whitepaper: Optimally protected information flows.