I-FourC’s key values are the basic principles of our business operations, in both the daily activities and the long-term strategy determination. Our employees will comply with these key values and carry them out in internal and external expressions. Key values evolve along with the organisation, always based on a solid foundation that can actually be executed.


I-FourC has high demands for the quality of products and services, and acts accordingly. Our employees have demonstrable, wide-ranging expertise and attentively follow the latest developments and technology. We make every effort to obtain and retain the necessary certification, and encourage our workforce to continually invest in improving their skills through training. Not just for I-FourC, but of course also for their personal development. We safeguard our professionalism by including the experiences of our customers and suppliers in our assessment procedures, as well as findings from our internal organisation.


A surprising perspective, an unusual approach, an innovative solution: I-FourC will never go for the run-of-the-mill alternative. Being mediocre is not a part of I-FourC’s philosophy. The quality of our products and services is of course paramount, but we also highly value a positive customer experience for those doing business with I-FourC. In the first place for the quality of our products and services, but equally for the way in which we provide them.


I-FourC strives to be a reliable partner in the transition from paper to digital. We always keep our word and honour our agreements: a promise is a promise. This means that we aspire to do business in a sincere and genuine manner. We treat people with respect. We can at all times be called to account for our integrity and expect the same from our customers, employees and partners.


At I-FourC being conscientious is of extreme importance. Conscientiousness is the focal point in everything we do. An large quantity of confidential records are processed, archived and scanned by our employees every day. Our priority is the customer’s interests. I-FourC creates a thorough advice based on all the facts we gain insight to through the use of a Quick Scan. This is reflected in our attentive and careful approach. Our customers can rely on that.

Customer and need orientation

The wishes and needs of our customers guide our service provision. An employee at I-FourC creates customer intimacy and knows the customer’s needs and objectives. The employee is aware of the primary processes and the associated risks and is informed about the latest developments within the organisation. The employee uses this knowledge to assess the needs of the customer and acts accordingly.

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