Digital and mobile work in the legal sector

In the Dutch legal sector digitisation is strongly developing. Because of the programme Quality and Innovation of Law (KEI) this subject is getting an increasingly prominent role. The law is going digital and the legal sector will have to pick up on it. It has become apparent that the legal sector insufficiently uses the technology possibilities available at this time. When these new technologies make work much more efficient and effective. Many lawyers are used to and have grown up with paper and paper files. A turning point has been reached, because the legal practice has now started looking towards the future.

Advantages for you:

– Working digitally does not have to mean that everything is digitalised immediately. By using Archive Management for files that are not consulted frequently, you create a cost efficient solution. Within 15 minutes I-FourC can digitally deliver requested files to you.

– Working and exchanging files efficiently and effectively is no longer a problem with I-FourC’s software solutions.

– Keep your files secure by safely storing them. You comply with the mandatory retention periods and can always refer back to the past, without having an overflowing internal archive.

Digitally available

In the legal sector information has an important role. Case files contain documents brimming with privacy sensitive information about clients. Optimally arranged file management is incredibly valuable within this industry. The right person should have access to the required information at the right time. Working efficiently gets a new dimension if the transition to a digital workplace is made with our I-FourC Virtual File and the I-FourC Virtual File for iPad. The advantage of this are clear: information is easier to share, can be used independent of time and place and authorisations are easier to organise. All secured with the highest achievable safety standards, because such information should never end up on the street.

Security of information

I-FourC has designed its processes in such a manner that security of information is no longer an issue. In both physical and digital sense, I-FourC has invested heavily to implement the highest attainable measures in the field of information security. This resulted in receiving the ISO 27001 certificate last January.

Partnership with the Lexxyn Group

I-FourC has been in a partnership with the Lexxyn Group since January 2015. The Lexxyn Group is a group of collaborating companies that provide IT services within the legal sector: lawyers, notaries and bailiffs. The bundled experience and collegial collaboration of the partners makes the Lexxyn Group the best knowledge partner for the legal sector.

Because of this unique collaboration, I-FourC has been able to focus its solution on the legal sector. Digitisation of privacy sensitive information is our core business. A comprehensive solution for your digital workplace due to the integration with software packages from the legal sector, such as CCLaw, FORTUNA and NEXTmatters.

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