I-FourC’s Mission

The core values at I-FourC are quality, innovation, reliability, conscientiousness and customer and need orientation. In all our actions we continually strive to achieve a balance between profitability, treating the environment responsibly and the interests of customers, employees and our society. We feel that it is our responsibility to contribute towards reducing the ecological footprint of today’s economy, wherever we can exert an influence through our business operations.

I-FourC’s Vision

The world around us changes at a rapid pace. Technological developments continuously push information and communication to a much higher level, in the process accelerating the pace of change in our social and economic landscape. Organisations need to be flexible and agile in order to anticipate the changing world. Using paper as an information carrier acts as a restraint. More and improved possibilities must be created to access and process this information interactively and safely at any time and any place.

Corporate Social Responsibility

I-FourC has had an integrated CSR policy in its business operations for years now, because we are convinced that an optimal service provider should contribute to society in their own way. We take responsibility and have set up strict requirements in terms of safety and quality, but also regarding Corporate Social Responsibility. Our employees carry this out as part of the daily business processes, as well as our partners and suppliers. Additionally we are affiliated with CSR the Netherlands.

I-FourC has been investing in sustainable business operations for quite some time now by including CSR in the daily activities in the fields of preparation, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating. In addition to that, I-FourC’s core business is paperless working environments. The dual objective here is improving the profitability of a company and contributing to making operational processes more sustainable. This not only reduces the use of paper, but at the same time reduces the use of energy, toner and printers and limits the production of ozone. I-FourC’s solid paper destruction policy also contributes to this. All the paperwork held on the premises, for which the legal life cycle has expired, will be destroyed in a sustainable way by a partner company.

A particularly special initiative in the framework of this CSR philosophy is I-FourC’s Social Fund. Each year the I-FourC employees donate a portion of the profit distribution to the Social Fund. This sum is doubled by the directors. The collected money allows I-FourC to donate money to charities every quarter of the year.

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