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Marcel BeurskensMarcel Beurskens is a new face within our organisation that we would like to introduce to you! As of March 1, 2015 Marcel Beurskens is the new Sales Manager at both I-FourC and its sister company Jalema. He has extensive experience in Sales, which he wants to deepen further and put into practice at Jalema and I-FourC. “The familiar feeling of this familial and dynamic organisation was immediate and felt good,” says Marcel.

Can you tell us about your tasks?

“I oversee the sales teams for Jalema and I-FourC the Netherlands. This means that I support and guide the account managers in the field, so that they are facilitated as best as possible. I am in charge of the Information Management branch, as we have summarised it. Additionally, I also actively operate in the market to create new business. Correctly facilitating and supporting the account managers is not my only task. I search for the close collaboration between sales and other departments. Think of marketing and the back office, but also R&D because account managers hear and see so much when meeting customers and prospects. That should be ventilated throughout the organisation and handled! I see myself as the key figure in this process.”


“The word ‘improving’ is what drives me. I hope to achieve the best possible result with maximum input. I look, for example, at products and internal processes that can be improved and fit the sales team’s experiences in the field, but mostly I focus on improving collaborations. Joining forces. By constantly wondering ‘what can we do even better?’, you raise the organisation and yourself to a higher level. Your work continuous to be challenging. Implementing improvements, no matter in which area, will have a positive effect on the organisation’s results. Sentences such as ‘we have always done things this way!’ or ‘surely this does not work!’ do not exist in my vocabulary.”

What do you get satisfaction from?

“From success. When a project succeeds and the lines set out deliver clear results, this gives me a boost. Everybody needs success to be able to work full of positive energy. I think it is great to work with people who really enjoy their profession. Because that is what is it all about, is it not? Successes should be celebrated and disappointments should be researched further, so that you can improve upon them the next time.

“My first two months with this enthusiastic club have given me a very positive feeling. I very much look forward to what we can all do together!”

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