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Marketing Intern
1 March 2019

In our column: ‘Employee in the spotlight’ we like to show which people are behind our organisation. Every day, I-FourC is committed to supporting organisations in the transition from a paper to a digital working environment. In addition, we develop software to guarantee safe, digital accessibility. But who does what? And what are the motives of the employees of the I-FourC team? Time for a look behind the scenes.

In the ‘Employee in the spotlight’ of February, Lieke Melssen was nominated by our Belgian colleague Joël Lejeune. We would like to introduce Lieke to you!


How did you end up at I-FourC?

Seven years ago I started at I-FourC as an intern for my graduation research. After this internship, I-FourC offered me a job in the marketing department. During my graduation internship I experienced I-FourC as a very nice, fun company, so I seized this opportunity with both hands!


Can you tell us something about your current position?

At the moment I have a combination function: Sales & Marketing. During my sales activities I guide customers in the commercial preliminary process from paper to digital. I am also responsible for the marketing department. Together with the marketing team I try to market I-FourC as well as possible, create brand awareness and support Sales with marketing and communication activities.


What does your average working day look like?

It’s difficult to describe an average workday, as sales is unplannable. I’m always busy working out quotations, guiding my customers from paper to digital, visiting customers and prospects and acquiring potential customers. My marketing activities also vary from day to day: one day the focus is on marketing communications aimed at a specific industry, while the other day communications via social media are central. So there is more than enough variety!


Where do you get satisfaction from during your work?

I think everyone who works in sales gets a lot of satisfaction from achieving success. I like it when we as a team have worked on a certain case for a long time, have advised and refined a lot, and that customer then chooce to work with I-FourC. In addition, I always get an enormous energy boost when I create a campaign together with my marketing team that catches on and can support sales.


What makes I-FourC the organisation you like to work for?

The family business culture appeals to me very much. The fact that the lines of communication are short and that the doors are always open, regardless of which layer of the organisation it concerns, is something I find very nice.

I also like the fact that at I-FourC you really get the space to develop. When I look at myself and see what kind of development opportunities I have been given, I don’t think there are many companies where you can take such nice steps in a relatively short period of time.


For the next month you can put someone in the spotlight. Who do you want to nominate and why?

I would like to nominate our passionate Laura Schroën! She recently made a nice step within our organisation and as a receptionist she is the calling card of our organisation. With her enthusiasm and commitment I am sure that she is the perfect candidate to be the next one in the spotlight.


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