Currently I-FourC has a mixed culture, take a look at our facebook! We have noticed that there is more structure and planning in our organization. More attention is paid to small details and events. Good for the team spirit!

Did you know…
Research from ‘Laarhoven Design’ has shown interesting facts of which we would like to share some:
– 53% of women regulate the finances at home;
– Also in B2B-marketing women are becoming more important buyers;
– 40% of all new entrepreneurs are women;
– Women have more neurological connections in their brains than men. This gives them much more attention to detail;
– The growth of Social Media is driven by the evolutionary urge of women for relationships;

Women have an increasingly important role in business which will be strengthened in the coming years. We believe that a good balance between women and men in an organization bring the best results, as long as each individual has the right qualities and properties. This is very promising for the future!

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