The I-FourC Social Fund once again met up to search for charities to support with a financial contribution. This time with the theme: ‘Sexual violence against women.’

The I-FourC Social Fund is an initiative wherein all employees donate a percentage of the profit distribution, doubled by the directors. This enables us to support charities with a financial contribution each quarter.

The following charities will receive a donation this quarter.

Foundation Wilskracht

Foundation Willpower is for women who have experienced violence, in the broadest sense of the word. The goal is to give people a purpose wherein they learn to respect themselves and others.

Foundation Fier

Fier offers help to victims, witnesses and offenders of violence in dependent relationships: violence that occurs in relationships. For example between parents and children, partners or young people in love. The mission is: preventing and stopping violence and offering help for the consequences of violence.

Foundation Zijweg

Foundation Zijweg supports women and their children who (have) experience(d) partner violence and/or stalking and looks after their interests and those of any children. Zijweg gives them a voice in policy and politics. They do this exclusively with volunteers who have experience with partner violence. Foundation Zijweg is a national and fully independent organisation that was founded in 2005. Foundation Zijweg is mainly for victims where their safety is the biggest concern.

Foundation tegen haar wil

Against her will (THW) is a telephone helpline for women and girls who are or have been victims of sexual violence, stalking and/or domestic violence. If you need someone to listen without judgement, someone who understands what feelings you are struggling with, someone who understands what you are talking about; you can call THW.

Foundation Siloé

Siloé is a premature baby who suffers from periventricular leukomalacia, damage to the white matter adjacent to the ventricles. This leads to brain damage. The treatment and care of a child with brain damage is very intensive for the parents. There is still some hope: an operation ‘Myoténofasciotonomie’ (technique from America) done in Spain. In France, this operation is not compensated. Hence, the baby’s parents have created this foundation to raise money.

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