I-FourC congratulates the hospital with this milestone!

We would like to congratulate Màxima Medical Centre with their millionth digital file; a special milestone for the Central Medical Archive of this hospital.

The hospital dealt with a lack of space since 2003, because of the large quantities of files that were saved in their archives. With its two locations, Eindhoven and Veldhoven, the number of files increased vastly. But they came into contact with I-FourC quite early on. In the following conversations we looked into a collaboration to solve the space issues and the accessibility and searchability of the files. Màxima Medical Centre chooses efficient and securely organised information!

Gradually towards a digital archive

Ruud van Pol was, at the time, the account manager that looked for a suitable solution together with those responsible at Màxima Medical Centre. This has resulted in many years of pleasant collaboration. “Màxima Medical Centre has chosen to gradually build a digital archive. This means that periodically a certain amount of files is transported from the hospital to I-FourC for Bulk Scanning. This has been going on for over 10 years and I am especially proud of this successful collaboration. Congratulations to the hospital for this milestone,” says Ruud van Pol.

Controlled & manageable

Maikel Dorssers, the responsible account manager for Màxima Medical Centre since 2011, can only confirm this successful collaboration and regularly has constructive contact with Simone Wouters, Head of Central Medical Archive at the hospital. Simone Wouters thinks this is a special moment: “As a team we ensure that the archive is an efficient and streamlined place of information provision. By gradually digitising we keep things manageable and create space and efficiency. Additionally, the medical specialists in the hospital can access the available digital information incredibly quickly and securely via I-FourC JIM. This software solution is integrated into our EPD Ezis from Chipsoft, allowing users to easily access the digital files via their trusted system.

Information security

Security of information is priority number one for both Màxima Medical Centre and I-FourC. The certification ISO 27001 – the standard for information security – that I-FourC has received, is of utmost importance to Màxima Medical Centre. All processes, both physical and digital, have been secured according to the highest available safety standards, wherein the digitised data is made available in I-FourC JIM via a secured VPN connection. Privacy sensitive information should never end up on the streets and this is always the focal point for both organisations.

On behalf of the entire I-FourC team, congratulations!

Gemeente Venray Maasziekenhuis Pantein Reade GGD Twente

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