Maurice Sanders, Manager IT Development & Security at I-FourC, knows all about the importance of security in the physical and digital world of archiving. As he walks along kilometres of cabinets full of file folders in I-FourC’s archive depot in Reuver, he talks about the many measures that have been taken to ensure the safety of customer data, files and other privacy sensitive information.

Veiligheid boven alles

The new European Data Protection Regulation has been approved and will be the successor of the Data Protection Act. Demands will be more strict, fines much higher. According to Sanders, the reason for light panic in many companies. “You see that directors have opened their eyes. They are suddenly becoming aware of how incredibly important it is to have your ducks in a row and that one cannot put their trust in just anybody when it concerns the security of customer data and files. Many companies are thus appointing special Security Officers. We get an increasing number of visitors with this function in Reuver. They want to see with their own eyes that their data is safe here. As they should. We encourage that. Please feel free to come and take a look at our facilities.”

Fire resistant

I-FourC customers are mostly large medical institutions such as hospitals, but the legal sector has also managed to find the organisation in Reuver. Their data have to be stored in a secure manner. A CO2-gas extinguisher installation is always ready for use in a room next to the archive. “The second largest installation in The Netherlands,” says Sanders. “If a fire is to break out, the paper archive material will at least not be damaged by the water from a sprinkler system.” But it is certainly not the only measure that the company in Limburg has taken to ensure the safety of their customers’ data. I-FourC does not just archive the physical files, where necessary it digitalises all documents and saves files in a safe and clear manner. “We offer in-house developed software, but also save everything on the cloud. Customers are always allowed to visit the data centre in Amsterdam.” The IT-company received the ISO 27001-certificate for information security in January 2013. “In order to receive that certificate you have to comply with certain demands. But we don’t stop there. We audit ourselves yearly and get an external party to regularly perform tests to find out if all security measures are working optimally.”


You can have a great system in place to secure your data, but the weakest link is still often the human. “You cannot secure people,” explains Sanders. “Creating awareness is therefore of utmost importance. The employees should understand that we are dealing with sensitive information and that should be treated with caution.” About thirty employees work at I-FourC and they have each been screened. “We do everything in our power to organise our security well. Customers can confidently leave the security of their information in our hands.”

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