I-FourC’s Social Fund supports charities and great initiatives with a financial contribution each quarter. We are able to do this because all employees donate a percentage of the profit distribution, after which the directors double this figure.

This quarter the theme is: “Holidays for everyone.” Most people are currently in the middle of their summer holidays, bags packed or even already are at their dream destination. Unfortunately summer holidays or a quick getaway are not possibilities for everyone. Therefore we support the following charities this quarter:

Foundation Bio Child Revalidation

Holiday resort Bio in Arnhem contains 15 holiday homes, completely adjusted for children with a complex handicap and their families. Limitless enjoyment and safe play opportunities. Children with a handicap can participate in everything at this holiday resort.

Foundation Weekje Weg

(One parent) families unable to go on vacation due to financial reasons, watch many Dutch citizens leave on vacation each summer. Foundation Weekje Weg, together with participating municipalities,  offers these families the opportunity to go on holiday.

Foundation Tante Lenie

Many families in the Netherlands have a child who is seriously or chronically ill. Foundation Tante Lenie is the favourite aunt who spoils them for a week. Everybody can be there. During a week of pampering, attention is given to each brother and sister. There is also time for mom and dad to be pampered.

Foundation Wielewaal

Foundation Wielewaal organises day care for the holidays (children’s theme weeks), sleepover weekends, family holidays, and group holidays for children, youth and adults with disabilities. Activities are supervised by volunteers.

Foundation SVP

Foundation SVP organises trips to Gran Canaria for people who suffer from Cystic Fybrosis and their families. Because of their disease they cannot ordinarily go on holiday and Gran Canaria has the perfect climate for their airways. A doctor travels along for support. People partly pay for this themselves.

Gemeente Venray Maasziekenhuis Pantein Reade GGD Twente

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