Secretary Day 2016!

It is the third Thursday in April, which means that today we celebrate all secretaries. This is the perfect day to give extra attention to the digital secretary, because in the digital era it is impossible for a secretary to not use any of the available digital amenities. So let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a digital secretary.

In an organisation where working digitally is common practice, a digital secretary cannot be missed. A secretary is a central point in an organisation, ensuring that everything is and remains prepared and structured. The digital aids ensure an efficient working day!

I-FourC has summarised a few advantages of working digitally. Please check the infographic.

Paperless working and digital thinking

Once they have switched, most secretaries do not wish to go without a digital workplace any longer. By working digitally in a secure and structured manner everybody can access the information 24/7. Completely independent of location. ‘Security’ being the key word. People still often fear information leaks when using digital solutions, prohibiting them from completely embracing digital workplaces. Therefore you should pay close attention to the certifications and safety measures of the programmes and organisation that you work with.

The digital secretary no longer needs to use pen and paper! In our own organisation the secretary is also unwilling to go back to the paper age. This way tasks can be executed more efficiently and more work can be done in less time! Do you also see the benefits of working digitally?

We wish all secretaries a lovely and fun working day!

Gemeente Venray Maasziekenhuis Pantein Reade GGD Twente

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