Adding new digital information

Those who start with a smart digital archive today, already has all the benefits tomorrow. With the I-FourC® Office Add-On™ you can save new important files directly to your digital archive; such as your e-mails, Word-documents, Excel-sheets and pdf-files. You no longer have to print and bundle in folders; the archive is fully digitally accessible.

The I-FourC Office Add-On allows end users to add new digital information to a previously scanned file. Scanned files are often based on documents that existed originally on paper. All new digital information that originates in e.g. Office Word, Excel or Outlook can simply be added to a previously scanned file with the use of the I-FourC Office Add-On. You gain access to the I-FourC® Virtual Archive™ with the push of a single button in one of these Office packages. A collection folder is located in the I-FourC Virtual Archive wherein all the documents that you want to add to scanned files are collected. You choose to which file and tab you wish to add the document(s) or you create a new tab that is generated “on the fly.”

With the I-FourC Office Add-On you gain direct accessibility to all files that are up-to-date and applicable, via your system or even via your tablet.

Advantages of the I-FourC Office Add-On