Reuver, 03-07-2018 – From today on I-FourC will expand its services to Belgium. This means that we will provide the Belgian market with our digitising- and archiving solutions, under a new Belgian entity.


I-FourC is an expert in digitising, external archiving and the development of IT-solutions. Day in, day out, I-FourC supports organizations in the transformation from a paper-based to a digital working environment. Through a combination of services and IT I-FourC promotes safe and user-friendly access to information.


I-FourC gets a lot of questions from Belgium regarding digitising and external archiving. In the meantime there are quite some organizations in Belgium which are working with the solutions from I-FourC. Because we see those chances and the demand is increasing, I-FourC seizes this opportunity with both hands.

Digitising and Archiving

Reasons why organizations choose for I-FourC and start with digitisation or archiving, is often the increasement of efficiency, resolving the lack of space and securing the safety of information. At places where paper is of value, the services and products from I-FourC can offer a solution. You can think, for example, of Healthcare, Notary & Legal Profession, Municipalities, HRM departments and administrative organizations.

International ambitions

Paul de Meulemeester – COO of I-FourC – is excited for this step: “At I-FourC we look behind our borders. Aside from the Netherlands we are expanding our activities in Germany, France and Ireland. I think the expanding of our services to Belgium is a great step.”

The digital era is well under way and the driven team of I-FourC will make sure to also make a success of it outside the Netherlands!

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