I-FourC is proud to announce that the German firm Aktendepot Digital has joined I-FourC as a business partner. I-FourC has marketed its concept internationally since late 2012. Aktendepot Digital, from the Frankfurt region, is the second German business partner that has decided to enter a close collaboration with I-FourC.

I-FourC Technologies

I-FourC specialises in making privacy sensitive paper-based information digitally accessible. A concept has been developed that is a seamlessly connected combination of smart service provision and innovative software solutions. I-FourC’s ambitions go further than the Dutch borders and is therefore very active in internationalising its solution.

Aktendepot Digital

Aktendepot Digital, located in Flörsheim in the Frankfurt region, specialises in the fields of archive storage, archive destruction and digitalisation of privacy sensitive files. They feel that the processes such as I-FourC has designed them and its innovative software and IT infrastructure are a valuable addition to their current activities.

Mutually reinforcing

Léon Lalieu, CEO at I-FourC, says: “I am incredibly proud of this new collaboration with Aktendepot. It is a very enthusiastic and driven club of people. Their current activities perfectly suit that which we can offer them. I am convinced that we can strengthen each other by combining our forces.” Herr Klaus Kipper, Director of Aktendepot agrees: “By combining the right service provision and software and adding it to our current product portfolio, we are capable of serving our current customers even better and we can even enter new markets. I very much look forward to the future that we are going to meet together with I-FourC.

Reactions to Aktendepot Digital’s new proposition are very positive. The first conversations with customers have already been set up! Collaboration is more than the sum of individual parts!

Aktendepot Digital GmbH & Co. KG i. G. powered by I-FourC®


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