24/7 (mobile) accessibility in a secure and trusted manner

Clip Consultants and I-FourC, both partners of the Lexxyn Group – IT for the legal sector –, have realised a visual integration between both solutions to provide the legal sector with a complete and simple solution. In the advanced package CClaw, lawyers now have direct and secure access to their digital files and can work mobile, even without an internal connection!

Mobile, safe and efficient working – 24/7

What we as users all hate is having to use ‘another’ new system or software package. A good reason to visually integrate systems and solutions! This is the premise of the collaboration between I-FourC and Clip Consultants. In practice, this is exhibited as follows: there is an integration between I-FourC and CClaw, which ensures that a lawyer can access his digital files directly without having to work from two systems. Very simple: you can start immediately! All files and desired paper information will be digitised securely and provided through CClaw in a familiar manner. The digital file will be displayed exactly the same way the physical file looks; no complex IT solutions, but user-friendly and familiar. This way one complete overview of all information is created. Information no longer gets lost, is secure and can be consulted and edited by authorised users at all times, from all locations.

Clip Consultants

Clip Consultants has been making powerful and user-friendly software especially tailored to the legal sector for over 20 years. With the comprehensive and advanced package CClaw, they offer many features that make the lawyer’s daily work easier and more efficient.

Combining forces

Eugene Haarmans, Commercial Director at Clip Consultant, says: “This way we can support our customers even better and is CClaw a more complete package. It also offers a perfect connection to the KEI programme.” This is confirmed by Léon Lalieu, CEO at I-FourC: “We want to facilitate customers in the best possible way and through collaboration we can optimally meet the demand. Because lawyers can download the files via an intuitive app, the files are also accessible without an internet connection. This ensures freedom and flexibility; of course according to the highest available safety standards.

Interested in a demo or advice suited to your practice? Please do not hesitate to contact I-FourC and ask for a demo!

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