I-FourC Technologies B.V. respects the privacy of all its contacts and the visitors of its website. Personal data which you provide us with– whether or not through the contact page of our site – will be handled with full confidentiality and will only be used for the right reasons.


Purpose and fundamental idea of personal data


Personal data and third parties

We will never sell your personal data to third parties. If your data will be provided to third parties, this will only happen:

  1. For the execution of an agreement (delivering services and/or products). Those third parties may only use the data on behalf of the execution of the agreement. I-FourC makes sure that personal data, which we control ourselves or have processed by a third party, are secured in a technical and organizational way.
  2. For the execution of a legal obligation to the appropriate authority.

The employees of I-FourC and the deployed third parties are obligated to respect the confidentiality of the personal data and live up to the relevant laws.


Your rights

The rights below are applicable to a direct relation between the party involved and I-FourC. We will never provide direct information about personal data of our customer relationships (data principals) who are having their files digitized or managed by us. We will always refer to our data principal for this.

Right to inspection

The right to inspection means that we can let you know on demand, which personal data we are processing.

Right of rectification

The right of rectification means that when personal data is incorrect, we will improve it on demand. Apart from that, you can change this alteration yourself through our self-service in our newsletters.

Right of removal

Although we don’t register any more personal data than necessary, you have the right of removal. This means that when we process too much, too less or irrelevant data, considering the purpose of the processing, you can ask us to remove it.


Cookies policy

I-FourC can make use of cookies and other sorts of technologies when offering her electronic services. I-FourC uses these technologies for the improvement of the customer experience and the personalisation of adds.

A cookie is a file which is on the hard disk of the computer. Cookies are used to track the preferences which the visitor has enabled for a certain service. Next to that, cookies can be used to prevent the visitor from seeing a certain add too often, or to registrate how often an add is shown. Cookies can’t damage the files on your computer or your computer itself. If you don’t accept our use of cookies, you can turn off this functionality in your internet browser at all times.

I-FourC uses “first-party cookies”, which I-FourC places herself and “third party cookies” which are placed by third parties. Some cookies are technical. Those are necessary for the functioning of the services of I-FourC. These are called “functional cookies”. Besides that, I-FourC uses analytical cookies to collect information about the quality and/or effectivity of the website.

Sometimes, I-FourC also uses “tracking cookies”. Those are place by a third party. This party also executes the so called tracking.

Sender Type Reason
I-FourC Functional Keeping track of personal preferences and settings
Google Analytics Analytical Registrates the features of the use of the website by each visitor
YouTube Tracking YouTube places a tracking cookie for the play of YouTube video’s
DoubleClick, Google Dynamic, Remarketing, Google Adwords User Lists Tracking To show relevant adds to the visitor, we use a tracking cookie from Google
Smartsupp chat Functional For the use of the chat function, Smartsupp places cookies.
Smartlook Analytical Smartlook registrates the website use of the visitor.
Linkedin Marketing Solutions Tracking To show relevant adds to the visitor, we use a tracking cookie from LinkedIn.
Google Adwords Conversion Analytical Registrates if goals are being achieved through Adwords.
Hotjar Analytical Registrates the features of the use of the website by each visitor


Questions / notes / complaints

If you have any questions or complaints regarding the Privacy Policy of I-FourC, you can send an email to our Privacy Officer via privacy-officer@i-fourc.com. You can also reach him via +31 (0) 77 750 11 00. When desired, he can also provide the information of our Data Protection Officer (DPO), which we filled in externally (the registration number of our DPO at the Personal Authority is FG003942).

We will react to your request within a month. We will let you know if there are any consequences regarding your request (for example, if we can’t deliver the service conform to the agreements).

If we feel like we have any good reasons to deny your request, we will let you know in our reaction.

Finally, we want to inform you that if you think that we are acting contradictory with the law, we would like to know. In that case we will try to find a solution which fits your complaints. If we still can’t get it through, you can file a complaint at the Personal Authority.


Related information

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