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As an authority in the field of digitisation, I-FourC has long since been offering governments the ability to gain access to paper information in a day without disturbing the daily routine, to their full satisfaction. We do this through the use of the latest and most advanced technology and our segmented approach. Thus we can guarantee the continuity of the primary work process as well as safety and privacy.

Solution for your municipalities

In the future municipalities will receive new tasks and are expected to realise cost savings. Digitisation is often unnecessarily pushed to the background, while this is exactly where you can realise savings. Municipalities have to provide their services digitally by 2017. This is the perfect opportunity to start digitising processes in order to integrally improve and to enrich services. The municipality of Venray has already done it! Read about their experience.

Advantages for you:

– Digitalise construction files up to A0 format with our advanced construction file scanner.

– With the I-FourC® Virtual Archive™ we provide chain accessibility, so that information can be shared. Convenient for your WMO policy.

– Affordable file storage in our heavily secured archive depot, ensuring the government’s memory.

Security of information

I-FourC has designed its processes in such a manner that security of information is no longer an issue. In both physical and digital sense, I-FourC has invested heavily to implement the highest attainable measures in the field of information security. This resulted in receiving the ISO 27001 certificate last January.

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