Scanning files

Digitisation at I-FourC consists of several scan services, such as Bulk Scanning and Scanning On Demand. It is wise to make a distinction between current information and less current information. Scanning files and subsequently offering digital accessibility is a specialty and goes further than merely scanning a page! After scanning you could elect to have your records archived in our secure and highly advanced depot, or have the documents destroyed according to the correct procedure.

Bulk scanning

Bulk Scanning is one of the areas of expertise I-FourC offers. We have extensive experience in digitising large quantities of paper information in a short period of time. Bulk Scanning is appropriate for current information that you need to consult on a regular basis. Our employees ensure that your files are cleaned and after scanning the files are immediately digitally accessible to you! I-FourC takes care of your request from A to Z.

Scanning on demand

If scanning all your files at once is not one of your priorities, then the Scanning On Demand solution offered by I-FourC is the answer. We archive your files in our secured archive depot and digitise only when it is needed. After your request reaches I-FourC, we are able to digitally deliver your file within 15 minutes. This allows you to gradually create a digital archive without having to make a single large investment.