Security of the solution

As the specialist in archiving and digitising paper-based files, I-FourC guarantees the continuity of your primary business processes during the transition from the physical to the digital world. We are only able to guarantee this if the security of both the physical or the digital files is ensured at all times.

I-FourC’s optimal security processes are partly evident from the certifications obtained after audits by external parties. For instance NEN7510 and ISO 27001:2005. Certification has become an indispensable part of I-FourC. Besides ISO 27001 I-FourC has also the ISO 9001 certificate.

Digital archiving involves much more than the transition from a paper-based to a digital archive by converting paper documents to digital files. It requires understanding with a professional and specialist approach. The transition should be carried out correctly and flawlessly, so that your processes are not disturbed.

Creating awareness

I-FourC believes that everything depends on the way that the organization and its employees spread awareness regarding this theme. It helps to confront employees with this on a daily base. I-FourC makes sure that its employees stay up-to-date with the processes and the daily practice. We find security very important and therefore we want to go beyond the prescribed standards.

If you have an interest in more information about the security of your physical and/or digital files, please do not hesitate to contact I-FourC. You can find our certification of ISO 9001:2015ISO 27001:2013 and NEN 7510 below.





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