Focus on your primary business processes

Advantages for you:

– In times of budget cuts you – rightly so – want to know what an investment in working digitally gets you.

– By correctly combining Archive Management and Bulk Scanning, you get the most cost efficient result.

– Your organisation may regularly work outside the office. With the I-FourC Virtual File for iPad you are able to view and edit your files, and synchronise your digital archive.

Core activities as key objectives

Standing out in an industry such as this one is no easy task. It is essential that an SME company can fully focus on its core business. No administrative burden or searching for the right information. Thanks to digitisation you can easily take over each other’s work.

Simple and familiar

The I-FourC IT solutions ensure that the digitised information is integrated into your existing information environment and lets you view and edit your information from one ‘cockpit.’ You can fully work digitally, with guaranteed continuity of your work processes. Your digital files look exactly the same as your paper files, which allows us to guarantee high user-friendliness. You can also assume that your file will be 100% available, including the highest safety standards. Simple and familiar.

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