-FourC, the name behind 30 employees that passionately develop innovative solutions for working digitally. I-FourC is characterised by a warm family culture where every employee works hard. We often say: “No chatting, start cleaning.” Our customers set high demands and this means that we also set the bar high for our employees. On the other hand we offer an innovative work environment and lots of collegiality. I-FourC originates directly from the world of paper and knows this wold inside-out. In fact, paper is in our genes. This is not just a great advantage for us, but also for our customers. It has allowed us to unconditionally believe, from our first day of existence, in paperless working in such a way that digital information feels as familiar as paper. I-FourC has digitised over ? physical documents because of these many years of experience and large know-how in the fields of digitisation and working digitally for large, but also smaller, organisations.

I-FourC is a growing company, whose number of employees have increased steeply in the last period. If a vacancy is open, we will inform you of them on this page.

Below you will find a list of job openings. Interested? Please contact us immediately.

No vacancies at the moment.

Gemeente Venray Maasziekenhuis Pantein Reade GGD Twente

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