The Virtual File

In the context of digitisation, I-FourC offers a unique experience with the I-FourC® Virtual File™. Scanned files are shown as traditional paper files. It is possible to change the look of the I-FourC Virtual File in such a manner that it is an exact replica of the customer’s physical files. Greater recognisability leads to quicker acceptance by the end users. Ease and convenience also play a role with the I-FourC Virtual File. Thanks to a ‘digital inking’-technique customers can simply write on files in the I-FourC Virtual File and make notes, just like in physical files. Additionally the files in the I-FourC Virtual File are equipped with separator sheets or tabs, allowing the user to easily browse and effectively search for the right file. Browsing, drawing frameworks and highlighting text is very simple. In combination with a Tablet PC the I-FourC Virtual File becomes a ‘normal’ file again in almost all respects. Experience the opportunities yourself by watching the video below!

Advantages of the I-FourC Virtual File