For I-FourC paperless working environments are the most normal thing in the world. Our sister company Jalema is a renowned archiving specialist. Because organisations were completely filling up their physical archives, I-FourC started offering archive management as a service. I-FourC originated in the world of paper and knows this world through and through. In fact, paper is in our genes. This is not only a great benefit for us, but also for you! We understand your problems like no other. That resulted in our faith in paperless working environments that work in a way that digital information feels as familiar as paper.

I-FourC has therefore developed three services that integrate seamlessly with each other: digitising information, archiving on an individual level and in-house developed software for working digitally. This well thought-out combination ensures that you can transform to a digital workplace in one day without having to say goodbye to the advantages of paper. I-FourC ensures that all your physical information is digitally accessible; anytime, anyplace, anywhere. This full accessibility is essential for your primary processes. With our complete range of solutions, we guarantee a smooth and easy transition.

To be able to fully guarantee the continuity of your daily operations, we have invested in security. I-FourC guarantees the safety of both physical and digital privacy sensitive information according to the highest achievable measures. It is not without reason that our archive depot is known as “Fort Knox near the river Maas.” We similarly handle the safety of our IT solutions. Digital accessibility of the highest level!

Gemeente Venray Maasziekenhuis Pantein Reade GGD Twente

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